Pari Cherry

Marlene Salazar

Chief of Operations

From cultivating plants to welding metal, my passion for building has always guided my career path. The thrill of creating something from scratch, of turning raw materials into functional systems, is what drives me each day.

In my role as an operational director, I apply this same ethos to my work with small business owners. I see their businesses as intricate puzzles, each piece needing to fit perfectly for success. Drawing on my experience in logistics, I excel in creating customized solutions that address their unique needs and propel their growth.

Central to my approach is the belief that strong relationships are the foundation of any successful partnership. By listening carefully to my clients, understanding their challenges, and working collaboratively to find the best solutions, I help them navigate the complexities of running a business with ease.

With precision, creativity, and a dedication to excellence, I am committed to being a trusted ally for small business owners in need of efficient logistics and operational support. Let’s build success together, piece by piece.

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